Google changes the profile name policy for Google+

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There have been some misunderstandings between Google and its Google+ users. Some individuals have witnessed their accounts being suspended without any clear reason as to why it happened. Suspension could be the result of a number of things such as spam, abuse and inappropriate content, but disagreements in what makes a legit profile name is one of the main things that causes suspensions.

Google previously said that if users do not use the name they commonly go by as their Google+ profile name, they are at risk of suspension. However, Google knows that it has upset a lot of people with these quick suspensions, so Google is changing its policies. Google will be making changes to this issue in the coming weeks.

Bradley Horowitz, VP of Product at Google, detailed the changes yesterday. Google will now warn users who are in violation of the profile name policy before they are suspended. Google will also make this requirement clearer to new users who sign up for Google+.

Horowitz didn’t say that Google will allow any name to be used as the primary name in a profile, but people can search for nicknames and pseudonyms that belong to a particular user.

Maybe these changes will help calm the mob that has rallied against Google for suspending their accounts.

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