Kingston creates a mobile mobile media server with the Wi-Drive

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Kingston Wi-Drive

Have you run out of space on your iOS device? Or maybe you just want to have some media that you can easily share with your other friends on iOS devices that you can’t just email. Well, Kingston has a device to help in both scenarios: the Kingston Wi-Drive.

The Kingston Wi-Drive is a small external hard drive with WiFi built in. It’s both small in size and storage, coming in both 16GB and 32GB models. The Wi-Drive will store your media, and then create a wireless network to connect to. Just connect to the Wi-Drive’s network, and open the Wi-Drive app and you can access all the files on the device. You can also share the media with up to two other friends at once. You can store anything from music and video to photos and Word documents. You’ll only be able to access them for four hours before the battery dies, though.

The Wi-Drive might be overkill for some, but it might make sense for those going on road trips with kids, or if you’d rather spend more money on external storage than internal storage. The Wi-Drive starts at $130 for the 16GB model, which is more than the price difference between a 16Gb and 32GB iPad by $30. The 32GB model retails for $200, which is the difference between a 16GB iPad and 32GB iPad. The other obvious downside is that it won’t work on other mobile OSes, so you can’t share your media with your Android-loving friends with the Wi-Drive.

Via [Kingston] and [Engadget]

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