Samsung Galaxy S II with WiMAX passes through FCC on it’s way to Sprint

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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II pass through FCC

Rumors have been swirling of the Samsung Galaxy S II heading to AT&T and Verizon in August, but it looks like the device will be heading to Sprint soon as well. A Samsung Galaxy S II has passed through the FCC with radios made specifically for Sprint.

The phone in question is model number SPH-D710, and includes both CDMA and WiMAX radios. Wireless Goodness points out that the phone is 5mm taller, and 3mm wider than the European version of the Galaxy S II, likely to accommodate the different radios. Inside you’ll also find dual-band 802.11n WiFi, and Bluetooth. Not must else to say about the phone, except it appears to be in line with the leaked Sprint-branded Galaxy S II image. So, now we’ve seen part of the outside, and the FCC has seen the internals so the phone must be coming out shortly. Hopefully we’ll see official news from Sprint and Samsung sometime in the next few weeks.

Via [FCC] and [Wireless Goodness]

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