Fox decides to make Hulu users wait 8 days to watch new (free) episodes

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It looks like those using Hulu to catch up on shows that air on Fox will be waiting for a little over a week from the original air date moving forward. Yup, Fox is reportedly delaying the release of new episodes of shows such as “Family Guy” and “Glee” beginning in mid-August. The details have come by way of the WSJ where they state that;

“Beginning in mid-August, new episodes of Fox shows, including “Glee” and “Family Guy,” will no longer be available to watch free on or video site Hulu until eight days after they debut, Fox says.”

But worry not because there still is a way. Well, a way assuming you are a Hulu Plus subscriber because they will still have those shows available the day after they originally air. Bottom line, free Hulu users will be forced to wait and paid Hulu users will not see anything changing.

Via [WSJ]

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