Check your mailbox, T-Mobile is giving away gift cards

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Tmobile promo

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you should keep your eyes open for a magenta envelope on your mailbox. T-Mobile has began sending out promotional gift cards that are worth a cool $25. The criteria for getting a gift card isn’t clear. I received one recently, and it expires at the end of August 2011. The gift card can be used at T-Mobile retail locations.

When I got this card in the mail, I thought it was T-Mobile’s way of saying “thanks” for renewing my contract. It turns out contract extensions are not the only reason why T-Mobile is giving away free money. T-Mobile may be targeting long-time customers and/or the customers that pay a decent bill amount every month.

Giving away free promotional items such as this can help T-Mobile retain some of its most loyal customers. With competition being so stiff right now, T-Mobile customers are jumping ship left and right. Should the AT&T merger fall though, T-Mobile is going to need that loyalty.

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