Some PayPal customers were overcharged for Mac OS X Lion

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Downloading Mac OS X Lion hasn’t exactly been the most joyful experience for some PayPal users. What was originally intended to be a $30 investment has turned into an investment worth thousands of dollars. Some PayPal users with connected iTunes accounts have been charged multiple times for Lion. At least one person has been charged in excess of $3,000.

According to AppleInsider, one PayPal customer was billed for 122 transactions for $31.79 a piece. The grand total came out to be $3,878. This was clearly a mistake, but neither Apple or PayPal are willing to shoulder the blame. The customer who was charged this huge amount of money said that Apple and PayPal were blaming each other.

This isn’t an isolated incident either. More PayPal customers have come forward with overcharge claims. Some were charged three, four and even 20 times. Money is being refunded to customers. Apple is currently looking into the situation.

One user in the Apple forums stated Apple believes the demand for Lion caused a malfunction within Apple’s automated payment system. That’s what led to the multiple payments.

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