Android and iOS continue to dominate US smartphone market

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Following its study into Netflix usage on individual devices, Nielsen has returned with another report detailing the leading smartphone manufacturers and mobile operating systems in the United States. It’s no surprise that Android and iOS are leading the pack, but now we’ve got numbers to back it up.

Android is by far the dominant mobile phone operating system in the U.S., accounting for 39% of the market. Apple’s iOS is in second place with 28% market share. The BlackBerry OS is bringing it up the rear with 20%. The list is rounded out by Windows Phone 7, webOS and Symbian.

Despite being a runner-up in the OS market, Apple is still the top smartphone manufacturer in the United States. Android is only leading the way because so many manufactures use Android as the primary operating system in their phones.

HTC is the leading Android phone manufacturer in the US followed by Motorola and Samsung.

Via [Nielsen Blog]

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