Twitter’s Promoted Tweets begin today

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Starting today, Twitter will begin to push Promoted Tweets (also known as ad Tweets) to its users. This is Twitter’s attempt to earn more revenue for the company. Promoted Tweets will appear in specific user’s timelines when they visit Like we said in an earlier report, Promoted Tweets aren’t that bad.

If you don’t follow any companies or brands on Twitter, you won’t see any Promoted Tweets. Furthermore, if you access Twitter from anywhere other than the main site, you won’t see those tweets either.

The tweets will appear close to the top of your timeline after logging in. They will be pushed down the timeline as more tweets come in.

Twitter is currently working with Red Bull, Microsoft Xbox, HBO, Dell and others for this initiative.

The advertisers won’t earn any money unless a Twitter user interacts with the tweet by replying, clicking a link, retweeting or making it a favorite tweet.

For now, Promoted Tweets are unobtrusive and somewhat optional. In the future, everyone may be subject to Promoted Tweets regardless of whether they’re following a company or not.

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