Electronic Rock Guitar Bag, anyone?

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ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Bag

Seriously, how far will you extend your geekiness? The folks at ThinkGeek think that our innate geekiness could extend from electronic guitar shirt to their latest geeky product – an Eletronic Rock Guitar Bag. Yes, it’s true folks. It’s a bag. And also an electronic guitar.

This may sound ridiculous to some but hey, give it a second look because this bag is pretty cool. It has the same style guitar that ThinkGeek offered via a t-shirt. Meaning, it has its own battery powered amp that you can hang on the outside and the bag will play real sounding chords which were pre-recorded from a real guitar. So when you use the bag, you can practically play all major chords.

Of course, its main function is still to be a bag which can fit laptops up to 17 inches. It also has six small pockets and zipper pouch to hold whatever stuff you need to bring along. The bag is made for thick, black canvas and will set you back $49.99. It will be available by August.

Via [ThinkGeek]

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