Ubuntu One Basic becomes Ubuntu One Free, gets expanded to 5GB

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Ubuntu One Canonical is beefing up the capabilities of it’s Ubuntu One service. Just after signing up it’s 1 millionth user this past May Ubuntu One Basic is being upgraded. The free version of the service is now called Ubuntu One Free, and has more storage capacity than before.

Ubuntu One Free will now offer users 5GB of free cloud storage to store any files they want. With that you can share your files with anyone you want, and sync your files across all your Ubuntu computers. There’s also an option to access the files on your Android device. All current Basic users will see their storage increase from the previous 2GB to the new 5GB.

The changes to Ubuntu One extend to the Mobile service as well. The Mobile option is now Music Streaming which includes 20GB of storage. The price is the same, costing just $3.99 a month or $39.99 a year. That lets you stream your music saved on Ubuntu One on your Android or iOS device. Unfortunately there isn’t yet an option to access your other files on your iOS device. If you find you need more storage space, you can buy additional blocks of 20GB for the same base $3.99 per month. Not a bad deal. 40GB of streaming music plus file storage for $7.98 a month is a pretty good deal.

Lastly, Canonical is hard at work on a beta Windows client for the Ubuntu One service. Hopefully after that we can get a Mac version. Ubuntu One seems like a pretty good Dropbox competitor, and it’d be nice to see it on all available platforms.

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