Shields Up: New malware hits online banking

Sections: Computers, Security

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Security experts are warning about a sinister new type of malware that attempts to trick people into falling or bogus refund requests. Once the malware infects a PC, it stays dormant until the user logs on to an online banking account. As soon as that’s detected the malware goes to work. First, a fake message from the bank appears, informing the user that they were accidentally credited a large sum of money and requests they return it immediately. The sinister part is the malware actually changes their account balance to reflect the phony credit. The scammers are hoping people will fall for it and send them the money. At best, the transfer won’t go through due to lack of funds. At worst, it does go through, resulting in huge overdraft fees and other headaches for the victim. If you get a request like this, ignore it. Shut down your browser and run your anti-virus program immediately. If you’re unsure, call your bank-but don’t use any phone numbers that are included in the refund request pop up, as the scammers have even gone so far as to create fake customer service numbers!

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