Apple TV gets updated to stream TV show purchases

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Apple TV Purchased TV shows

Apple’s “hobby” set-top box has quietly been updated to add a much needed feature. If you update your Apple TV to software version 4.3 you’ll find that you’ll be able to stream TV shows that you purchased through the iTunes store.

The Apple TV update also lets users purchase TV shows from the Apple TV instead of just renting them. The purchased TV shows will then be added to the Purchased section of in the iTunes store, meaning TV shows have now been added to iCloud. It also means that the Apple TV now has a wider selection of TV shows, so now you can buy and watch shows like The Wire right from your Apple TV. Unfortunately, however, it appears that some TV shows aren’t supported on iCloud. For example, I bought several seasons of Mad Men on iTunes, but none of them show up in iCloud, while most of my other purchases do.

The new update also brings in support for Vimeo, giving you yet another option for streaming web content.

Apple has yet to officially announce the update, though we’ll hopefully hear something soon. It’ll be nice to know why some TV shows aren’t included in iCloud, though it likely has something to do with Apple’s agreements with the production companies. It’ll also be nice to see the same features added to movies purchased through the iTunes store, but we do still have a little while before iCloud fully launches, so there’s still time for that to happen.

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