An ad-free Hulu may be in our futures

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Hulu Plus

If you were to ask someone what is the worst thing about Hulu Plus, they’ll probably complain about the ads. Advertisements in the free version are understandable because Hulu has to make money somehow. Ads in Hulu Plus on the other hand are a bit harder to swallow. For $7.99 a month, one would think that money would be used to remove the ads. There still may be a chance that Hulu will offer a subscription that is completely ad-free.

The Twitter account for Hulu Support mentioned a few days ago that Hulu is “looking into the option of a higher priced ad-free option.”

Such a subscription would be welcomed, but it all depends on how much the new subscription would be. If it’s too high, customers will revolt. Just look at what happened with Netflix.

If the price is right, more people are going to flock to Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus already has the advantage of being the one of the only internet options for viewing upcoming Fox shows the day after they air. For those who don’t have cable or satellite service, it’s the only option. Should other cable and non-cable networks choose to put up paywalls like Fox, an ad-free Hulu Plus could make a killing.

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