Facebook purchases eBook publisher Push Pop Press

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Push Pop Press

Push Pop Press may not jump to the front of your mind when you think of eBook publishers, but it brought a new twist to the usually bland world of eBooks. Back in April, Push Pop Press published Al Gore’s Our Choice for iOS devices. Our Choice was a very robust eBook complete with embedded videos, interactive graphs and plenty of commentary. Push Pop Press will now take its talents to Facebook.

Facebook has purchased Push Pop Press for an untold amount. According to a post on the Push Pop Press website, this acquisition does not mean Facebook is going to start publishing books of its own. The technology of Push Pop Press will be mixed into Facebook to give “people even richer ways to share their stories.”

In essence, Facebook users are the real publishers. Push Pop Press will just give them a more dynamic platform to publish on.

Unfortunately, books like Al Gore’s Our Choice will no longer be published by Push Pop Press. Our Choice will continue to be sold in the Apple App Store and proceeds from the book will be donated to The Climate Reality Project.

Via [Push Pop Press]

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