Another spy shot of what could be the iPhone 5

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iPhone 5 spy shot

If you’ve been waiting for another iPhone 5 rumor, your short wait is over. Today we have an image of what is said to be the next iPhone taken by a MacRumors forum user that goes but he name of guigsh.

The image is said to have been taken in the office of a French operator. Guigsh says that “we were able to see it only 2 minutes, pictures forbidden of course, so, we did our best.” The image shows an iPhone 5 that look fairly similar to the iPhone 4, but much slimmer. The phone is said to be just 7mm thick according to some rumors, and this looks about that size. The next iPhone is also said to be much faster, with guigsh saying that “my iPhone 4 looks really slow now.” Sounds promising.

So now we have evidence of a slimmer version of the iPhone 4, and an iPhone 5 with a curved back and larger screen. We can’t be sure which is the true version until Steve Jobs makes the announcement. Thankfully that announcement should be coming relatively soon.

Via [MacRumors] and [BGR]

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