Netflix reaches the 1 million user milestone in Canada

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Netflix launched their streaming service in Canada back in September of 2010 and seem to have been going steady ever since. Coming as of July, roughly 10 months since the launch — they have topped the 1 million user milestone.

“We’re thrilled that Canadians have embraced Netflix so rapidly, and we’re equally proud to have welcomed one million members in such a short period,” said Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO and co-founder.

And to celebrate, the million subscriber was given a lifetime subscription.

“The milestone was achieved in July, when Amanda Bell James, from Flin Flon, Manitoba joined Netflix and won a lifetime membership to the world’s leading Internet subscription service for enjoying movies and TV shows.”

With that, those not lucky enough to have been the millionth subscriber, you can still expect to pay $7.99 for your streaming movie and television episode watching. Thankfully though, that $7.99 monthly price tag comes with the ability to stream an unlimited amount and do so from a wide variety of devices.

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