HP TouchPad is now $200 cheaper

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Pricing for the HP TouchPad seems to be a race to the bottom. We already knew that the 16GB TouchPad would be $399 from HP’s website and Staples this weekend. It turns out HP’s $100 discount also extends to retail. Staples is currently selling the 16GB HP TouchPad for $399.99. That’s a good price, but the woot! sale is a better deal. But remember that $100 off coupon that Staples has for the TouchPad that is valid until August 7? It’s still being accepted.

This means you can combine HP’s instant $100 discount with Staples’ $100 off coupon. This will bring the16GB TouchPad down to $299.99. That is by far the steepest price drop we’ve seen for any new-ish tablet.

You might think that Staples is wise to this and would invalidate the coupon. However, webOSroundup has confirmed that Staples is honoring both discounts. It still wouldn’t hurt to call your local Staples just to be sure. Sometimes in corporations, policies can change depending on where you are.

Via [WebOSroundup]

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