Lady Gaga death scam hits Facebook

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Fake Lady Gaga death video

There is a new scam that has hit Facebook. Unfortunately, it’s using false information about the supposed death of Lady Gaga to entice users into clicking the link. It’s safe to say that Lady Gaga is not dead and she has not been found in a hotel room like the scam suggests.

According to the security blog Naked Security, the scammers are using a link that that appears to be from a legitimate news site. If the link is clicked, the user is redirected to a page that is designed to look like the BBC website.

The biggest step in the scam isn’t activated until a user tries to play the embedded video on the fake BBC page. The page will show up as one of your “likes” on Facebook. This could lead to unsuspecting friends falling for the same scam.

Keep this in mind while on Facebook.

Via [Naked Security]

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