Virgin Mobile pokes fun at AT&T / T-Mobile merger, highlights the no-contract $35 per month plan

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We have seen more than our fair share of people both for and against the T-Mobile and AT&T merger up until this point, and it looks like we have a bit more for our enjoyment. The latest comes by way of Virgin Mobile who are touting how AT&T was last in customer service and how that will be a bad thing for T-Mobile customers. They also took the time to tout their $35 per month unlimited data and messaging plan which will work well with the recently released Motorola Triumph with Android. In short, we may be getting tired of the AT&T and T-Mobile merger madness, however, in this case we have to agree with Virgin Mobile in that the $35 per month plan along with a $299 contract free price is a pretty solid deal.

Via [YouTube] and [9to5Google]

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