China starts cracking down on unauthorized Apple retailers

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Following the revelation that some stores in China were posing as legitimate Apple stores, China has started doing something about it. According to China Daily, officials in Beijing have began telling businesses to stop using Apple’s trademarked logo in its shops if they aren’t authorized by Apple to do so. Furthermore, stores have been ordered to not falsely refer to themselves as authorized Apple resellers or Apple direct retailers.

The crackdown is taking place in Zhongguancun, which is known for technological influences.

Unfortunately, some stores aren’t taking the regulations seriously. Some stores are apparently coming up with lackluster ways to cover up Apple’s logo. Even employees of some stores openly wear shirts bearing Apple’s logo.

There are only five authorized Apple resellers located in Zhongguancun.

Beijing’s efforts to legitimize the sell of Apple products is expected to last a month.

Via [China Daily]

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