VIZIO 8-inch Android tablet is available now for $299

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VIZIO 8-inch Android Tablet

Remember the VIZIO 8-inch Android tablet which we reported not so long ago? Well, the said tablet has reached some US retailers including Sam’s Clud, Walmart, Costco, Amazon and other VIZIO outlets. Guess how much the going-rate now for the VIZIO 8-inch tablet? – $299. That’s right, back then we reported that it being sold from Amazon for $399. Whatever came to the minds of the VIZIO folks, well we don’t want to know anymore. It’s enough to know that we now have an alternative, dirt-cheap Android tablet that can migthily compete against other Android tablets of the same size, and of course against the iPad. But can it really compete?

Well from the looks of it, the VIZIO Android tablet has all the ingredient that you’ll normally find in similar tablets available in the market today. Adobe Flash support, microSD card slot, Android OS, and other usual features.. But what makes this tablet quiet unique is the fact that it features VIZIO Internet Apps Plus which combines the latest technologies with a unified, easy-to-use and fun interface that will work well with VIZIO’s HDTVs, Blu-ray players and other devices. It also comes with a universal remote app and built-in HDMI port with HDCP.

So, if you’re in the look-out for a nice Android tablet that won’t burn your wallet that much, looks like the VIZIO 8-inch tablet hit the mark. Are you getting one?

Via [PR Newswire]

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