Scosche releases the myTrek Pulse Monitor device and iOS apps

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Scosche myTREK

Scosche has just released its latest innovation called – myTREK pulse monitor. An honoree during the CES Innovations 2011 for Design and Engineering, myTREK pulse monitor is a pretty helpful device that lets you track your pulse, calories burned, distance, speed, as well as store your past workouts and more. The device works with an accompanying iPhone and iPod Touch apps which you can download after you’ve paired myTREK pulse monitor with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can now use the pulse monitor device.

The myTREK device uses two LEDs and a photo sensor in detecting minute changes in your blood pressure. This allows the device to accurately measure your pulse. The device has a built-in accelerometer which adapts to movement during exercise from your heartbeat. Aside from measuring your pulse, the device also measures the calories you’ve burned. myTREK pulse monitor also allows you to personalize your workouts. You can do this by simply selecting the type of activity, target training zone and type of workout. To let you know how close you are to accomplishing your fitness goal, the device issues a male or female voice prompts – updating you of your progress in real time. You can also check out what days you’ve worked out and the accomplishment you’ve earned during the workout.

Speaking of working out, the Scosche myTREK pulse monitor also comes with an arm-strap design which fits on the muscular portion of your forearm. The device also comes with an arm-strap design that fits into the muscular part of your forearm. This allows you to easily manipulate track and volume. Other features of the myTREK pulse monitor include – lithium ion battery with 5 hours usage time.

The Scosche myTREK pulse monitor is available now from Apple Retail Stores,, 24-hour Fitness gyms as well as from The device will set you back for $129.99. For more details, watch the embedded video below.

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