SENDtoREADER web app lets you send webpages to your Kindle

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It’s very seldom that we encounter a webapp such as SENDtoReader, so it’s definitely worth giving this some coverage. SENDtoReader is a nice looking and useful webapp that lets you do one major thing – send webpages to your Amazon Kindle Reader for reading later. This will work pretty well if you are reading text-heavy website. With the web app you can now have the luxury of browsing the web and then saving long content that you can read at your own leisure time, through your Amazon Kindle Reader.

SENDtoREADER is also very easy to use. All you need to do is install a bookmarklet or favlet on your desktop browser and you can instantly send webpages to your Kindle device. The web app support Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Although the Kindle is basically a book reader, this web app will also let you personalize the interface and content to suit your preferences. Unlike other news aggregators, SENDtoREADER get everything from your source and transcribe it to fit on the Kindle.

For more details about SENDtoREADER click on the product link below.

Product [SendtoReader] Via [Lifehacker]

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