Video chat feature found lurking within Facebook Messenger

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Facebook video chat iOS

Facebook released its Facebook Messenger app yesterday for iOS and Android devices. The app is pretty straight forward. It’s a way for Facebook users to message each other without using text messages or using Facebook’s main application. It’s basically Facebook’s response to Google’s Huddle and Apple’s iMessage. Facebook now appears to be getting ready to introduce a mobile video chatting feature as well.

Buried within the contents of Facebook Messenger is evidence of an upcoming video conferencing feature. Two images of the possible feature were discovered by 9to5Mac. The Android version of Facebook Messenger also contains the same images.

Facebook’s recent introduction of Skype on the main Facebook website may have something to do with these images.

Mobile video conferencing from Facebook will give Apple’s FaceTime some competition. Google needs to incorporate Hangouts into its Google+ application if it doesn’t want to be left out.

Image Credit: 9to5Mac

Via [9to5Mac] Via [How To Arena]

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  • Rachel

    Yeah, but you could always use the Facebook Video Chat Rounds app!