Walmart brings Vudu to the iPad

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Vudu now on the iPad

Walmart is really pushing it’s Vudu movie streaming service. Recently Vudu was put on desktop browsers, and today the movies will be viewable on the iPad.

Right now you can go to and start renting movies to watch directly on your iPad. The movies will only play in SD, but the quality is pretty good from the trailers I’ve seen. The prices are the same few dollars per movie that Vudu that’s on every other device. Unfortunately, however, some of the movies aren’t available on the iPad. Most movies seem to be available, while some movies many TV shows aren’t. Walmart is saying that there’s a total of more than 20,000 titles available, though.

Walmart gets around having to pay Apple the 30 percent per movie by making the movies available through the website and not an app. Unfortunately, the website isn’t a full HTML5 app that gets rid of the Safari chrome even when you save it to the home screen. Still, it’s another option for watching movies on the iPad, assuming you have constant Internet access.

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