Gadgetell Review: ClarityOne Earbuds

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ClarityOne Earbuds

What Is Being Reviewed?

Today we have for you a pair of ClarityOne earbuds by PureSound Technology. You can pick these up from ClarityOne’s website for $129.99.

My Thoughts

Right out of the box, you have everything you’d expect to get with a pair of earbuds that cost over $100. You get the earbuds, a circular carrying case and three pairs of earbud tips. The tips differ in size, so you should have no trouble getting these earbuds to rest firmly in your ears. I found the tips that came on the earbuds to be sufficient enough.

Let me tell you, the first time I slipped these earbuds into my ears, I had to laugh out loud to myself. Even without being connected to anything, the ClarityOne earbuds immediately deafened the sound in the room. Granted, I could still hear my phone ring in a quiet room, but for the most part, everything I heard was confined to my own head. I could literally hear my eyes blink while these earbuds were in.

Given the noise cancellation attributes of these earbuds without the aid of audio, I expected to be in a world of my own when I piped some music into them.

PureSound Technology provided five songs to show how magnificent these earbuds are. They were in WAV format and covered genres from classical to reggae. PureSound also recommended setting my preset audio levels on my device to the flat setting so that the quality of the earbuds could not be mistaken. The earbuds created a very rich sound. They’re also very loud. It’s not really necessary to set the volume level to that much above 50%. I didn’t notice any distortion, and my ears were surprisingly not ringing after listening to those songs.

However, most music I listen to these days is not in WAV format. Songs that are sold through the most popular digital music services are usually MP3s. In order to thoroughly test out these earbuds, I had to bring other audio sources into the mix.


I listened to a wide variety of music with the ClarityOne earbuds using my PC, iPod Touch and Android phone. I listened to hip-hop, rock, classical, folk and instrumentals from various videogame soundtracks such as Portal 2, Sword & Sworcery, Shank and Bulletstorm. You should know that it’s near impossible to hear anything but music with these earbuds. If someone calls your name, knocks on your door or does anything of reasonable volume around you, you won’t hear them at all. These earbuds do a fantastic job of cancelling out any external distractions. This is all being done at 50-60% volume.

I also tested these earbuds while sitting in a car driving down the interstate at 65 miles per hour with all the windows rolled down. Though I had to crank up the volume nearly all the way, the sound of the wind did not get through and the crispness of the audio remained.

Quality sound is definitely something the ClarityOne earbuds produce. Bass is not distorted and I found myself hearing subtle notes in songs I hadn’t heard before.

High quality music isn’t the only thing someone might use these earbuds for. You may want to watch steaming videos or pull music from services such as Pandora or Rdio. The ClarityOne earbuds won’t magically make any audio CD quality or higher, but its noise cancellation abilities remain.

The earbuds can also be used as a earbud/microphone combo with a mobile phone. There is a single button that is used to answer and end calls. The microphone quality is average as is the call quality.

When listening to music, that same button is used for pausing and resuming what you’re listening to. I would have really liked audio controls on these earbuds. I’m somewhat baffled as to why that feature wasn’t included given the $129.99 price tag.

I found the ClarityOne earbuds to be comfortable initially, but the insides of my ears did start to ache after about an hour and a half.

As much as I recommend the ClarityOne earbuds, I’m a bit hesitant on the price. True audiophiles may hand over $129.99 with no problem, but the common consumer may think this is too expensive. Overall, these are great earbuds and are far better than any earbuds I’ve used before.

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