Dell Latitude XT3 is on sale starting at $1,789

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Dell Latitude XT3

Back in February Dell first talked about the Latitude XT3, the business-class convertible laptop. Today that laptop is finally up for sale, though you will have to wait until September 22 to actually get your hands on the device.

The Dell Latitude XT3 is a 13.3-inch laptop that can convert into a tablet. Both forms run the same Windows 7 powered by Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPUs. That base price will also get your Intel integrated HD 3000 graphics and 8GB of RAM. The display is 1366×768, and comes in either “Reduced Glare” or “Daylight Viewable” options, presumably the options are there to choose based upon where you spend a majority of your day. The battery in the machine can either be 6-cell or 9-cell with an option for a slice battery to give you power for most of, if not the entire day.

Of course the Latitude Xt3 isn’t made for consumers, but you can still pick one up should you feel the need. It might be good for taking notes on the touchscreen, but if you really want a Windows-based tablet (even if it’s just an option for a laptop) your best option would be to wait for Windows 8 instead.

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    It is expensive,I like IPAD