Beauty and flexibility meet in a bike made of plywood

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Bonobo plywood bike

Here’s a bike for everyone who thinks the standard metal frame bicycle is just a bit too rigid. This is the Bonobo bike, designed by Stanisław Płoski, and it’s frame is made of plywood.

Why would you make a bike frame out of plywood? Well the first reason I can think of is to be cool and different. A real reason is to make a more flexible bike. By having a wood bike you can theoretically have a smoother ride because the frame itself will bend. Of course, with that you can also make the bike a bit heavier than average since it’s all solid wood with brackets to fasten everything instead of hollow metal tubes. As Wired points out, you could also run the risk of having the bike stolen more easily because all a potential their would need is a saw and some glue or a splint to put the bike back together.

Right now the Bonobo bike is just a prototype, but it would be pretty cool to see something like it put up for sale. I’ve recently been looking into electric bikes, but this could be a pretty neat option as well, especially if it can be modified to electric.

Read [Bonobo] via [Wired]

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