Rumor: First Android Ice Cream Sandwich photos leaked

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Ice Cream Sandwich leak

Images of what are supposedly from an unfinished build of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS have appeared on two websites. Android Police and RootzWiki have two different images (four total) of the OS in action.

One of the biggest changes is the blue outline Ice Cream Sandwich has in the notifications menu and the app drawer. This leads us to believe that Ice Cream Sandwich is taking on a color theme similar to Honeycomb.

There is also new icon on the homescreen that looks like three apps with one right behind the other. This could be an easier way to handle multitasking.

Other un-pictured changes include a new style in Gmail, NFC capabilities with Google Shopper, a panorama mode for the camera and a Google search widget that seems to be unmovable.

All four pictures of Ice Cream Sandwich were taken on a Nexus S. The Nexus will allegedly be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, but the rumored Nexus Prime is believed to be first in line.

Based on the cosmetic changes, it’s believed older phones should be be able to run Ice Cream Sandwich.

We’ll place this story firmly in the rumor category for now.

Via [Android Police] and [RootzWiki]

Photo Credit: Android Police

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