Dell discontinues the Streak 5 tablet/smartphone hybrid

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Dell Streak 5 Discontinued

If you look at the picture above, you’ll notice the caption: “Goodbye, Streak 5. It’s been a great ride.” I’m not sure if I agree with the exact wording of the caption, as I would switch ‘great’ with ‘peculiar.’ Ever since the Streak 5 was announced, customers weren’t sure whether Dell was trying to sell them a tablet or a smartphone, and who knows whether Dell really wanted it to be a tablet with voice capabilities or a smartphone with just a really large screen. The launch of the device was delayed, it came with an outdated OS, and carried an excessive price tag — thus leading to a mediocre performance in the sales department.

Even though there wasn’t much buzz surrounding the Streak 5 when it launched in the United States, at least Dell is sending it out with a nice little graphic.

Via [Dell]

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