Cool faucet stand for tablets or smartphones

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Nendo Fauce phone and tablet stand

Want a really cool stand to hold your tablet or smartphone? If this faucet-inspired stand designed by Japanese studio nendo is not cool for you, I don’t know what is. Made from polycarbonate material this Jaguchi, meaning faucet or tap smartphone and tablet stand was made for Japanese electronics company, Elecom. The stand comes in four colors namely, clear, blue, black, and milky white for smartphones and clear and blue design for tablets. It’s a universal stand, so no brand preferences here. In all honesty, the stand really looks cool when in used. The “dripping” water from the faucet serves as a post that connects the faucet and the platform. You can then place your phone or tablet in a slanting position for a nice viewing angle. Best part about this cool product is the fact that you can use it without the phone or tablet, place it on a tablet and whoever gets a glimpse of it will surely be amazed since it creates the unreal scene of a faucet that seems to be floating in the air. Pretty cool, right? Now, will anybody tell us where to get this cool phone and tablet stand?

Via [Laughing Squid]

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