Canada honors the BlackBerry with a postage stamp for “innovation”

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Canada honors the BlackBerry with a postage stamp for innovation

Despite what many think the future holds for RIM and the BlackBerry, it looks like Canada has decided to commemorate the smartphones for what they have brought so far. The BlackBerry (by name) will be immortalized on a postage stamp for innovation along side other modern marvels such as the electric oven and pacemaker. The stamps can be seen in the above image and will be available for purchase beginning August 17th.

“While smart phones and other communications devices, as well as technologies such as push email and mobile apps, are commonplace now, they were nearly the stuff of science fiction in 1999, when Research in Motion (RIM) founders Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie introduced the now iconic BlackBerry®. Their invention freed information workers from their desks and changed the way the world communicates. Subsequent versions and continuous innovation have kept RIM and its BlackBerry device a front runner in the massive smart phone market.

How do you depict the genius of Canadian inventions on a stamp? According to q30 inc. senior designer Karen Henricks, “Given that the innovations span such a long timeline — from the oven in 1892 to the modern BlackBerry — our design challenge was to find a way to visually link the four stamps. We chose consistent cropping and angles, as well as a palette of co-ordinated colour tints and type, to tie the stamps together as a series.””

Via [Canada Post] and [CrackBerry]

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