McAfee WaveSecure app extends protection to iPhones

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McAfee WaveSecure

Popular security company McAfee which previously supports Apple iOS for business users has just announced that it is extending its support for consumers using the iPhone through the McAfee WaveSure iOS app. WaveSecure addresses our primary concern whenever we used the iPhone – protection against data and device loss or theft. The app will enable you to protect your privacy and mobile data when your iPhone is stolen. WaveSecure also allows you to wirelessly back up your contacts, photos and videos and remotely track the location of your iPhone through McAfee’s WaveSecure online portal, or immediately wipe out your data to prevent whoever got your iPhone from using your personal information. One nice feature of this app is that it allows you to backup your contacts wireless to an Android phone. McAfee WaveSecure iOS app is available now from the App Store for $19.99. It might seem quite a lot to pay for an iPhone app but hey, that’s nothing compare to what you will lose if your iPhone with your personal data gets into the hands of unwanted people, right?

Product [McAfee WaveSecure]

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