Verizon to offer trade-in program for customers to get a smartphone

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Verizon Trade-In Program

If you own a basic phone, meaning those that does not belong to the smartphone category which can be loosely translated to a phone not having an Android OS, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows 7 Phone, or webOS then you’re qualified to Verizon’s trade-in program. Basically, what the Verizon trade-in program offers is a chance for you to finally take that big leap from being a basic phone owner to a smartphone owner. Under the said trade-in program, Verizon is offering a $100 incentive if you get a new smartphone in exchange for your current basic phone. There are two ways by which you can avail of this promo. First, if you own a basic phone eligible for a 2-year upgrade, you will need to purchase a new smartphone between August 18 and September 30. The purchase price will be discounted by $100 for as long as you will re-sign a new 2-year Verizon contract. Plus, you will also need to get a new smartphone data plan. You can also avail of this discounted promo if you are an existing Verizon customer with a basic phone but still under contract. Same conditions apply. If you qualify under any of those pre-conditions, you can apply for the trade-in program. After applying you will receive a special PIN number that you can use on the Verizon Trade In site. From there you will be instructed to mail in your basic phone within 30 days before Verizon sends you the $100 Gift Card. Sounds like a good deal? More details can be found from the Verizon Trade In site if you follow the link below.

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