Harry Potter eBooks could be tied to Sony Readers for 2011

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When Pottermore launches we’ll finally get a chance to buy Harry Potter books in eBook form, but it seems that might not happen until 2012. For the rest of 2011 there’s a chance that in order to buy Harry Potter eBooks you need to buy a new Sony Reader.

According to The Register, Sony is planning on releasing a new Sony Reader this year packed with all of the Harry Potter eBooks. That device will also have a letter from JK Rowling, a subscription to Pottermore, and a special wizarding-themed carrying case. This would be the only way to get the electronic versions of the Harry Potter books if you want them before the end of 2011. Sony is said to have paid millions for the bundle, though Rowling would be donating that money to charity to help children with learning disabilities. The new Reader would be out in time for the holiday, which could actually give Sony a fighting chance this year.

If you want the Harry Potter eBooks, but don’t want a Sony Reader, you can always wait. The eBooks were said to be coming in formats for all major eReaders. You might just have to wait until early 2012. Keep in mind that these are anonymous sources, so they could be wrong on some part. Sony isn’t talking yet, but you can be sure we’ll hear a lot from them if this bundle does end up hitting the market.

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