MetroPCS and Rhapsody team up to bring Rhapsody Unlimited Music Service

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Rhapsody Unlimited Music

What will you get if the no-contract carrier, MetroPCS and on-demand music provider, Rhapsody – join forces? Of course, you’ll be treated to an unlimited mobile music experience. That’s what you’re about to experience if you are a MetroPCS customer on the $60 per month rate plan as Rhapsody and MetroPCS have launched the Rhapsody Unlimited Music service. This new service gives you access to the more than 12 million songs contained in Rhapsody’s music catalog. As a MetroPCS customer, you can enjoy Rhapsody Unlimited Music service if you are using an Android handset. For your $60 monthly, you’ll be able to play, download and stream as many songs as you want from Rhapsody’s catalog. Plus, there is still the unlimited calling, messaging and data.

Rhapsody also lets you manage your music easily, create and sync playlists on your Android smartphones and computers, and share your playlist to friends on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you can also get individual songs or the entire albums of your favorite music artists. You can sign up for Rhapsody Unlimited Music service online after which you should download the Rhapsody app either from the @metro App store or from the Android Market. To start listening you just need to enter your email address and a password. MetroPCS will also accept sign ups via phone, in which case the number to dial is 1-888-8metro8. More information about this new service can be found via the link below.

Via [PR Newswire]

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