For Android users, apps are king

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Android app usage

A new study conducted by Nielsen has shown that when it comes to Android smartphones, users spend way more time with apps than the actual web browser. Despite the fact that the web browser on the recent Android phones offers close to the same experience you’d get on a PC or laptop, mobile users want an experience that is optimized for their devices.

The study says that Android phone users spend an average of 56 minutes of their day on the web in some form whether it’s with apps or through the web browser. Of those 56 minutes, users are accessing apps two-thirds of the time. Browsing the traditional web was only done one-third of the time.

Nielsen also found that only a handful of applications account for most of the app usage on Android phones. The top ten Android apps eat up 43% of all app usage. Given the 250,000 (give or take) Android applications current in the Android Market, this is a huge percentage. The top 50 apps in the Android Market make up 61% of time spent with applications.

The reality is that launches apps are so much quicker than visiting a web site. Even if the website has been optimized to resemble and app, it will still take longer to access.

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