February 2013 is the end date for Google, Motorola Mobility deal

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Motorola and Google

Google’s hopeful acquisition of Motorola Mobility now lies in the hands of regulators who have to decide whether or not this deal is too massive to be approved. Google is going to spend $12.5 billion for Motorola Mobility, but promised to give Motorola $2.5 billion should the deal not go through. The buyout was originally expected to be complete by early 2012 at the latest. That data has been pushed back about a year.

Paperwork that was recently filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission states that the agreement cannot be extended beyond February 15, 2013. If the process is not completed by that date, Google has to give Motorola a $2.5 billion breakup fee.

As previously stated in a Bloomberg report, Google agreed to such a high breakup fee because it is very confident the deal will be approved.

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