Evernote has acquired Skitch

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Evernote acquires Skitch

Evernote is making it’s way into the screenshot sharing with the purchase of Skitch. Evernote made the announcement today at the Evernote Trunk Conference, and immediately made Skitch a free app.

If you’re not familiar with it, Skitch is a popular Mac screenshot app. It’s the one that I use daily for sharing screenshots and quick image resizing. Previously Skitch would cost $20 in the Mac App Store if you didn’t want to had ads, or you just wanted more features. With the Evernote acquisition, Skitch is now free for download in the Mac App Store. With Skitch now being part of Evernote it means that Evernote will have better screenshot capabilities, and Skitch will have the handwriting recognition of Evernote. It also means that son Evernote users will be able to annotate and draw on their screenshots or images, as soon as the functionality is there, at least.

This also means that Skitch will be coming to more platforms. Today an Android version of the app was announced, with iOS coming soon. Skitch will also be coming to Windows in the coming months, finally. Skitch is one of my favorite Mac apps, and it always pains me to work on a PC without having my trusty Skitch app. The Windows versions can’t come soon enough.

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