BlackBerry Music service shares music for $5 a month

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RIM is desperately trying to keep its BlackBerry phones relevant in a market filled with more popular devices. RIM needs to attract the typical smartphone crowd, and that means providing features that the likes of iOS and Android already have or will soon get. Enter BlackBerry Music, a new unreleased service that is exclusive to owners of BlackBerry devices.

CrackBerry reports BlackBerry Music will be offered in BlackBerry App World along with a free one-month trial. Following the free taste, BlackBerry Music will cost $5 a month. For your $5, you can choose from 50 songs that are provided by the app.

50 songs sounds pretty lackluster right? But this is where things get interesting. Apparently, BBerry Music subscribers can invite other BBerry owners to the service. They too can choose from 50 songs. Since those you invite will be a part of your network, you’ll be allowed to listen to their 50 songs as well. The more people you invite, the more songs you will have access to.

If you know a lot of people with BlackBerry phones, $5 a month could be a low price to pay. The service seems to depend on the combined efforts of many people. Perhaps there will be a places online where people exchange information to acquire more songs.

RIM hasn’t formally announced BlackBerry Music, but we’ll have our ears to the ground until it does.

Via [CrackBerry]

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