What you can still do with an HP TouchPad

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This weekend was two of the best days the HP TouchPad has ever had. As soon as HP announced it was discontinuing all webOS devices and possibly webOS all together, the massive discounts soon followed. Some are wondering what use could be gotten out of a dead tablet and a nearly dead OS. Here are some things you can still do with a TouchPad despite its death.

Read A Book

The TouchPad is still a very capable eReader. The Amazon Kindle beta application will continue to work. For $99, you can get a color eReader complete with a web browser. Compared to other less capable and more expensive eReaders such as the Kindle with Special Offers, the Kobo Touch and the Nook Color, the TouchPad is a better value.

Use That Wi-Fi

The TouchPad doesn’t need HP’s blessing to surf the web. Save your phone’s battery by using the TouchPad to handle your couch web browsing. There is no mobile browser that can exactly duplicate the speed and functionality a browser of a full computer can offer, but the TouchPad’s browser is more than capable of handling your basic tasks.

Embrace The Hacking Community

And now we get to the promise of TouchPad hacks. Honeycomb will supposedly be ported to the TouchPad eventually, but until then, we are at the mercy of hackers to provide continuous support for the TouchPad.

On that note, even at a rock bottom price, I would still purchase a TouchPad based on what it currently offers. The allure of amazing hacks is tempting, but it was this kind of hopeful thinking that convinced many to spend full price for the TouchPad. We thought the TouchPad would get better and that $500 investment would be worth it in the long run. That turned out to be a bust.

Still, for the basic things that it can and always will do, $99 for a TouchPad is still a great buy for anyone.

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