Evernote iOS app brings new iPad interface, rich text support for all iOS apps and more new features

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iOS iPad redesign

Evernote for iDevices has just been updated, bringing in more nice features that further improves the app’s productivity functionalities. The update brings in rich text support for iOS devices, shared notebooks, new interface for the iPad app, and some other features available for premium users including a passcode lock, redesigned new note screen, and more.

The rich text support essentially lets you create styled text when creating new notes. For iPhone users, you can see the “A” button along the top of the note. Tapping on this button will allow you to apply styles to new text, or by highlighting existing text. You can also use lists and header styles to apply to the entire line of what you are editing. On the iPad, you can see the rich text buttons along the top of the note that you are creating. The app allows you to edit any note created on your device which contains rich text. Notes with more complex styles such as web clips, other typefaces or tables will not be editable though. However, if you try to edit these complex notes, the app will give you the option to append or simplify.

Another new feature of the Evernote iOS app is that you can now view any notebook that other Evernote users have shared with your either from iPhone or iPad. The app will download snippets for the notes when you try to open shared notebook. Any note that you view coming from Share Notebook will be stored locally on your iPhone or iPad.

If you’re an Evernote Premium User, the update now allows you to use the lock passcode feature for the app itself. This gives you added security especially if you use Evernote to store sensitive information.

Finally, for iPad users – the app brings in an All Notes view and interface. Notes are now being displayed as easy-to-read snippets with more information about the content of a note. You can also pinch and zoom into the note list to increase the size of the snippets. Notes presentation can also be presented by using the View Options. The new interface for the iPad version also makes it easy to share and delete multiple notes.

Via [Evernote Blog]

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