Upcoming Facebook features reminds us of Google+

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Facebook privacy

Facebook is getting ready to launch new features this week that will remind a lot of people of the most unique features of Google+. Beginning this Thursday, Facebook will let users decide who they want to direct status messages to. Facebook users can choose to post statuses to the public, friends or to a customizable list.This update will also be coming to Facebook-developed mobile applications.

The upcoming Facebook changes goes beyond directing status messages though. It will also give users more control over content that is displayed on their profile pages. For example, if someone is tagged in a post, they have the option to approve it from a new “Pending Posts” page. The post won’t appear on the person that has been tagged wall until it is approved.

Should a user not like the picture they are tagged in, they also can remove tags of themselves, ask the person who posted the picture to take it down or block the picture post completely.

Tagging friends in status messages can also be done without using the “@” button on the keyboard. Users can select which friends to tag from a list. Locations can also be tagged from posts. Yes, it does sound just like Google+.

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