Logitech announces two iPad products for work and play

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Logitech iPad 2 keyboard

Today, Logitech announced a couple new iPad 2 accessories for the person that wants a little more out of their daily iPad 2 activities. The Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard and the Logitech Joystick are available for pre-order. The keyboard is $129.99 and the joystick is $19.99.

The full-sized keyboard sounds pretty neat because it fits underneath the iPad 2. When you want to use it, it folds out while propping up the iPad 2 at a angle that’s ideal for typing. The keyboard is USB-powered and connects to the iPad 2 over Bluetooth. The keyboard also allows the iPad 2’s smart cover to stay on even while the keyboard is connected.

The joystick is less interesting, but it can be useful. The joystick basically grabs hold of the iPad or iPad 2’s bezel and acts as an analog stick. Logitech lists games such as Splinter Cell: Conviction, Super Mega Worm and Gun Bros. as compatible titles with the joystick.

Via [Logitech Blog]

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