Ticketmaster lets you show your Facebook friends where you’re sitting

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Ticketmaster Facebook integration

Ticketmaster, the dominant source of ticket sales now lets you show your friends where they can find you at concerts. The company today announced that it has added Facebook integration for easy sharing.

The sharing lets you show your friends just where you’ll be in that undoubtably cool concert you’re going to. It will also let them see seats around you that are available, so you can go as a group without having to make them pay you back for the tickets. If you know your friends are going to the same show you are, you can tag them in their seats so others can see where they’ll be in case they want to sit there, or on the other side of the arena.

The option is pretty cool, and it makes me wonder why Ticketmaster hasn’t implemented it before now. It’s a great system for finding the events your friends will be at so you can get seats close to them, or avoid them if you so choose. It’s yet another reason to make sure you’re only Facebook friends with people that are actually friends so you don’t have any creepy stalkers sitting behind you at every concert you go to.

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