Nokia pushes out two of its most affordable phones yet, the Nokia 100 and 101

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Nokia 100 and Nokia 101

If you’re a Nokia fan, you’re probably aware by now that in the company’s naming of its phones, the lower the number the lower it is on Nokia’s product line. So, Nokia just launched new phones bearing possibly the lowest model number that they have used so far. These two new phones are the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101. Being in the bottom of the Nokia product numbering system, these two phones also happen to be the most affordable devices that Nokia has released so far. But that doesn’t mean that these two phones have nothing under the hood. On the contrary both phones are packed with several nice features worthy enough of their prices.

In fact, the Nokia 101 is even a dual-sim phone. This means you can put in two SIM cards from two different networks and use them alternately. According to Nokia the phone will let you receive calls and messages for both SIM and it also comes with a SIM manager that lets you store settings for up to five SIM cards. Additionally, the phone will also let you personalize these settings by assigning names and logos for each of these settings.

The Nokia 100 is said to be the most affordable Nokia phone with color display. It features a grid-base menu system easy-to-read icons. The phone also has an FM radio.

Both phones are loaded with Nokia Life Tools (depending on the market) and Nokia Money for the Indian market. These two tools provides access to information on healthcare, education, agriculture and entertainment.

The Nokia 100 is scheduled for release sometime in Q4 and will retail for around $30, while the Nokia 101 will be ready for you anytime this quarter for around $35. Both phones will be available in several color options which will probably leave you with a hard time choosing which one to get.

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