Say goodbye to your weekend, Peggle HD is here for iPad

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Peggle HD

Hopefully you don’t have anything planned for this weekend. Pop Cap has finally released a version of Peggle for the iPad, which will surely keep ou occupied this weekend.

Peggle HD is the classic Peggle game made to fit the iPad perfectly. Peggle was first released on iOS two years ago, but this time you don’t need to use pixel doubling to play it on your iPad. In case you somehow haven’t heard of Peggle, it’s like to pachinko with powerups. The idea is to clear each board of the orange pegs before you run out of balls. Like most of Pop Cap’s games, it has a simple premise, but the game can somehow suck you in for hours upon hours.

I’ve already played Peggle on a variety of other platforms, but I another chance to play it again on a different device sounds great. For launch the game is 50 percent off at $2.99, and Peggle Nights is available for half-off via In-App Purchase as well. At that price, how can you resist?

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