The $97,000 (and climbing) HP TouchPad drawing?!

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HP TouchPad Drawing on eBay

After dropping HP TouchPad prices to $99, HP realized just how popular the tablet has become. In fact, HP decided to try a new approach and raise the price of the tablet extraordinarily high to feed off the public’s insatiable hunger for the webOS tablet. The new MSRP from HP is $97,000 and you can find it on eBay. Before you faint and wonder what the world has to come to, let me just say that most of what is previously written is false. The tablet, if you can still find one, is available for $99, but a drawing of the HP TouchPad on eBay is currently bringing in $97,000.

That’s right, a simple drawing in blue ink on white paper is bringing in nearly $100,000 on eBay and the drawing isn’t even that great. The seller probably spent ten minutes sketching out a TouchPad and another five minutes uploading it to eBay. His description of the product can be read below:

You are bidding on an awful drawing of an HP Touchpad. I’m posting this because I see idiots bidding $300 on $99 tablets, and $850 on a $99 tablet running Android–so I figured maybe someone would be dumb enough to bid on my drawing. Hell, if this sells for over $800, I’ll draw you another one with Android on it AT NO EXTRA COST!

Sure, I’ll admit it: I want a Touchpad, but I’m not spending over $150 on one. Yeah, I hang out on Slick Deal’s 1500+ page forum AS A GUEST looking to snag a deal–go ahead, hate me. But only AFTER bidding on this.

This was drawn on a regular sized sheet of white paper. The drawing is in BLUE pen!–my (and likely your) favorite color. This weighs less than an actual touchpad, is flexible, and is 1/1–you can sleep well at night knowing that you’re different than the thousands of others who got a “real” touchpad. It can also be viewed as a drawing of a 16 or 32 gb one.

And finally, this touchpad drawing is of the rare WHITE one.

Shipping on this is free. It’ll be shipped in a padded envelope.

RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED. Feel free to contact me with questions.

(I’m a broke college student. You aren’t spending this money in vein. :D)

If money is no object to you, feel free to place your own bid on the HP TouchPad Drawing through eBay below.

Via [eBay]

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