Samsung puts another nail in the coffin of traditional text messaging

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It’s no secret that text messaging fees are one of the biggest ripoffs of the mobile phone industry. Those of us with smartphone plans tend to benefit from unlimited messaging, but feature phone owners aren’t so lucky. There is hope for them yet because Samsung just revealed a new messaging service called ChatOn. ChatOn will work with smartphones, feature phones and various operating systems.

Sometime in September, ChatOn will make its way to 120 countries. It will support phones running Bada, Android, iOS and BlackBerry operating systems. PC functionality will be coming as well.

ChatOn performs some of the same functions as other dedicated messaging services such as iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger and Huddle. Users can have single chats, group chats and share multimedia content in real-time. Smartphone owners will get advanced messaging features, but feature phone owners will only get to send messages, pictures, calendar notes and contacts.

Users will also get a profile page which shows their interaction rank and what friends have to say about them.

In order for a service like this to take off, friends will need to collaborate and dedicate their messaging to ChatOn. Anyone with a text messaging plan may want to look out to this.

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