Samsung ready to launch it’s own cross-platform group messaging app

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Samsung ChatOn

Beluga, GroupMe, Google+ Huddle, and Facebook Messenger are just three of the big group messaging apps out there. It looks like Samsung is set to announce their own competitor at IFA this week. Samsung’s entry will be called ChatOn, and it will work over a number of mobile platforms.

Samsung’s ChatOn is very similar to all other group messaging system. The core feature s the ability to chat with your friends either as a group or individually. With the app you get to send text, images, and videos to your friends. You’ll be able to make your own profile on the service, and your friends with smartphones using the app will be able to comment on that profile from the app. That profile will even have some gamification aspects, with you and your friends competing to see who’s the chattiest person of the past week.

Samsung will release ChatOn apps for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and it’s own Bada. Those with Samsung feature phone will even be able to join in the fun, though they;ll lack some of the profile features. A web version is also in the works for the service, so you’ll be able to use it almost anywhere you are, on almost any device. All that’s left seems to be WebOS, Windows Phone, and Symbian.

With ChatOn, Samsung joins the growing list of companies who are trying to challenge the dominance of SMS with faster, more full featured systems. Not to mention the fact that their services are cheaper. The problem is the fact that not everybody has access to data and WiFi all the time. But, for when you do, these services seem like they’d be a much better solution, assuming you can get your friends to all use the same one.

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